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Presentation of the Campus

Welcome to Campus la Mouillère

Lhe La Mouillère Campus welcomes you for a training program adapted to your professional projects. In apprenticeship (alternating with the company), in adult education or in high school, every year, the campus accompanies 500 learners with individualized follow-up.

As an actor in your training, you are at the heart of our concerns, from the first contact you make with us to the support you receive to facilitate your professional integration.

There is a wide range of technical training courses (from 3rd grade to post-graduate studies) in the fields of landscaping, horticulture, the environment, water and floral art.


Opening of the training center

Opening of the training center by the horticultural profession.

Strong development of the school and its infrastructure

Framework for modern agricultural education (Pisani Law)

Creation of two new buildings (more than 2,000 m²)

Workshops, classrooms, accommodation, ...

Strengthening the school-business relationship

Strengthening the relationship between schools and the profession by launching work-study programs (social promotion).

Creation of the Apprentice Training Center

Since then, we have trained more than 300 apprentices each year.

2015 - 2016
Restructuring of the site - Phase 1

Opening of the new Floral Art Center (technical facilities, classrooms)

Opening of the new Mechanics / Green Spaces / Production workshops

Reorganization of the practical areas

Educational garden center

Opening of the Pedagogical Garden Center

2017 - 2021
Site Restructuring - Phase 2

Global reconstruction of the Sports Center (gym and exterior)

Renovation of the reception / administration building

New layout of the Resource Center (RDC)

The establishment changes its name

The Orléans School of Horticulture becomes the Mouillère Orléans Loire Valley Campus

2019 - 2021
Opening of our Environment Unit

The Mouillère Campus opens its environment pole and now welcomes the BTS in Water Management and Control and the BTS in Nature Management and Protection

Opening of La Fabrique

New equipment available to learners: 3D printer, connected greenhouse, camera...


Sustainable development, a pillar of the school project

Develop an identity for our campus, spearheading sustainable development issues through actions related to the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

This identity is based on the following themes: nature, environment, ecology, sustainable development.

We want to contribute culturally to a new generation of learners taking into account the SDGs in their personal and professional practices. 


Who are we?

A historical link with professionals

Since its creation in 1949, the La Mouillère Campus has been managed by an agricultural cooperative.

This atypical and independent format is a guarantee of success for our training center. It guarantees a link between training and the reality of the field, as well as an opening onto the professional world.

Historically an agricultural center, the Campus La Mouillère is managed by professionals in the fields of horticulture, landscaping, floristry, water and the environment for the benefit of future professionals.

The Board of Directors is composed solely of business leaders.

  •  The Board of Directors :
    • President: Jean-Yves FOULON
    • Vice-president: Serge LANGEVIN
    • Treasurer: Matthieu JALLERAT
    • Secretary: Jean-Marc LERICHE
  • The Campus Technical Committee
    • Director: Jean Philippe AUDRAIN
    • Deputy Director: Pierre-Alexandre SWISTEK
    • Administrative and financial manager: Claire RENARD
    • Technical Manager: Christophe LEDDET
    • Manager of Pedagogical Operations: Laura HUMBERT
    • Information Systems and Resource Center Manager: Anne MOINGEON
    • Designer - Training Engineer : Mélanie CAVALHEIRO
    • Development Manager: Lauriane EMIN-GIL

International mobility

An asset for professional integration

Campus La Mouillère is a training center that develops international mobility for its students through study trips, exchanges and internships abroad. We also host international conferences and seminars on our premises. This international exposure is an undeniable asset for their future professional careers.

Our CAP Florist in Portugal in 2022


A campus accessible to all

Le Campus La Mouillère attache une importance particulière à l’accueil de chaque apprenant et propose des conditions de scolarité optimales pour tous.

Our training courses are accessible to all. Our commitment to responsible development is reflected in the following

  • Train and sensitize our educational teams to all forms of disability
  • A disability advisor whose mission is to welcome, orientate, inform and accompany learners with disabilities. She is the main contact person for students with disabilities and assists them with their training, professional integration, transportation and daily life problems. The Mouillère Campus disability advisor provides a personalized response to each student according to their situation and needs.

The Campus La Mouillère, a training center that acts around 3 levers for inclusion: 

  • Améliorer l’identification des apprenants à besoins éducatifs particuliers 
  • Renforcer l’accompagnement des apprenants
  • Develop a culture of educational inclusion among staff 

Our partners


The Campus is recruiting

To support our development, Campus La Mouillère is recruiting in various fields, training of course, but also in all support services (IT, accounting, technical...). 

If you have a love of the profession, proven skills or interesting experience, and a genuine desire to pass on your passion to the young professionals of tomorrow, then contact us!

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