Recruiting a work-study student

Législation : Contrat d’apprentissage |

The Campus La Mouillère development department will help you recruit an apprentice:

  • Definition of your needs
  • Proposal of candidates
  • Assistance in drawing up the contract and the agreement
  • Advice on the formalities related to the recruitment of an apprentice (grants, salary scale, etc.)

The steps to recruit a work-study student

Fulfilling the promise to hire

Complete the promise to hire sent by the campus. This document is essential for sending the apprenticeship contract and the training agreement. The promise must be complete.

Find an apprentice master

Choosing an Apprenticeship Master

  • Holder of a diploma or title relevant to the field of the diploma prepared by the apprentice and of equivalent level + 1 year of professional activity in the apprentice's field


  • 2 years of professional activity in the apprentice's field
  • 2 apprentices + 1 repeat student maximum per supervisor
Completing the Apprenticeship Contract

Use the pre-filled CERFA for the training part (FA13) sent by the CFA.  

Fill in the information about your company and the apprentice.

Signature of the company and the apprentice and sending of the apprenticeship contract to the CFA

Or the apprentice's legal representative if he/she is a minor. 

It is up to the employer to get the contract signed.

Upon receipt of the contract at the CFA, preparation of the training agreement

Add Description

The CFA will send you the training agreement to be signed and returned to the CFA as soon as possible.

 The contract and the agreement must be completed and sent to your OPCO. These two elements are essential for the registration of the contract and your file for financial support with your OPCO

tion Here

Signature of the contract
Declaration of employment

Make the Single Declaration of Employment (DUE) with your URSSAF or MSA, within the legal timeframe, and before the effective date of the contract

Information and Prevention Visit (Medical Visit)

The apprentice benefits from an information and prevention visit (VIP) as part of his hiring. This visit must take place within 2 months of hiring.

When the apprentice is a minor, this visit must take place before he or she is hired.

Declaration of Exemption to Regulated Works

In certain cases, it is necessary to establish a declaration of exemption from regulated work, in order to welcome young minors aged at least 15 years and less than 18 years in vocational training

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