Apprenticeship tax

Apprenticeship tax

Each year, our campus trains students in the fields of Floral Art, Landscape, Horticulture, Environment and Water Management.

We are constantly adapting to develop skills and support the talents of tomorrow: online educational platform, digital investments, technical platforms and international mobility.

Our training courses are closely linked to sustainable development and environmental issues.

Therefore, if you wish to support us, we invite you to allocate your "Taxe d'Apprentissage" to Campus La Mouillère. Our institution is authorized to collect your balance of the apprenticeship tax. 

The partnerships of the Mouillère Campus / Companies are notably concretized by :

  • the realization of missions for companies by students in internships and within the framework of educational projects;
  • recruitment of young graduates;
  • the organization of conferences, continuing education courses, seminars;
    Paying your apprenticeship tax to Campus la Mouillère is an investment in future qualified employees

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New in 2023

You are getting ready to pay the Taxe d'Apprentissage for the year 2023 and the procedure is changing.

The payment of the apprenticeship tax will be done through a new platform, SOLTEA. 

In 2023, employers declare and pay the balance of the apprenticeship tax to the Urssaf Caisse Nationale and the MSA on the DSN of April 2023 (due on May 5 or 15, 2023).

The latter then pay the amounts collected to Caisse des Dépôts.

Then, employers must connect to the SOLTéA platform and designate Campus La Mouillère as a beneficiary.

To access SOLTEA, it is necessary to request an authorization on the Net-entreprises platform.

For more information on the platform and the procedure for payment, contact the development department at 0238226086 or [email protected]

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