Rates & Financing

Tuition fees

For all candidates, application fee: 85€.

For high school, tuition fees vary depending on the type and level of training. 

For the CFA, the tuition fees are financed by the "Opérateurs de compétences". Catering and accommodation will be paid for by the apprentices. 

To consult the rates:

Adult Education

Are you an employee undergoing professional retraining? Since 2020, you can go through the Transition Pro organization. Thanks to this system, you can take time off work to follow a training course. This training must allow the employee to acquire new skills and eventually change jobs. For more information, click here.

You are unemployed and wish to follow a training course? You can take steps with Pôle emploi, which can partially finance your training. If you are not compensated by Pôle emploi, it is also possible to obtain financing from the Conseil Régional within the framework of the Plan Régional de Formation.

College / High School Training

If you are taking an academic course on campus, you may be eligible for a scholarship!

Scholarships based on social criteria are intended to contribute to the maintenance of students who are able to pursue their studies and whose family resources are recognized as insufficient.

A national scale is set each year by interministerial order published in the official journal. This national scale determines the family's resources and expenses as well as the levels of the grant based on social criteria.

Students who are eligible for scholarships based on social criteria must be enrolled in a class at our school (under contract with the Ministry of Agriculture).

The pre-printed application form required to apply for a scholarship must be obtained from the school's secretariat as soon as you register for a course. Once completed, this file must be returned to the school's office. 

Please note that for BTS in the school system, applications must be made when registering on Parcoursup and the CROUS.

Apprentice training

Are you a student on a work-study/apprenticeship program? Then the cost of your training is fully covered by the skills operators (if your employer is a company) or by the Center National de la Fonction Publique Territoriale (if your employer is a local authority).

During your training, you are paid. The rate of pay depends on your age and level of training. You can find all the information about the apprenticeship contract here.

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